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Foundations Roof

Stair Case Construction
Hall under construction
Corridor Construction
Kitchen Construction
Living room construction
Master Bedroom construction
Bathroom Constructio
outside contruction
front construction
Outside View
back of house
House from Footpath
Back of house
view before construction
Old Conservatory and back of house
House contruction
outside view
Windows and doors added
outside view from field
New Roof Construction
kitchen window
kitchen window
bedroom window
Master Bedroom
front of house
Front of house while underconstruction
front of house
Old Front
front of house
Remodeled - But has to look like the rest of the street
front of house
front of house
New concrete drive
front of house
front of house
view from house
View from Balcony of town in distance
hall entrance
central hall
living room
main bedroom
en suit
outside view
outside view
front of house
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